Tips To Reduce Calories While Baking

Bread and cake into the enemy for the women who were running a weight loss diet. Ingredients, sugar, butter, milk, and others are not is indeed very friendly with your weight. But, with tricks such as reported by the following, you can reduce your worries when taking the cake and cake.

Replacing fat with fruit puree

Substitute 50% butter with pumpkin puree or other fruit. If the result remains beautiful and delicious, you can replace the more butter or margarine with fruit. Customize with your recipe, you can get your own percentage.
Replace the flour with whole wheat

Try replacing the 20-50% whole wheat into flour. However, it is possible the existence of whole grain will change the taste and texture of the bread or cake you made.
Cut down on sugar

Many recipes add too much sugar on the dough. Always try to reduce the sugar in the recipe so that you're familiar with food that is not too sweet so it does not consume too much sugar.
Use skim milk

Replace your milk with low fat milk or skim milk. Turn this led to changes to the taste of Your cake or bread.

All of these tricks would be different results on each recipe. Trial and error is needed, try to prescribe the modifications you have just the right fitting.

How does Steaming Vegetables are good and true?

Steaming vegetables is actually a technique the most easy and simple. We simply put the vegetables in a pan of steamed, and then let it ripen on their own. But if you want to get fresh vegetables and preserved it, follow the steps that are offered from the following.

The main key steaming vegetables that actually there are only two: cut vegetables with a uniform size and shape and never too old mengukusnya.

1. cut the vegetables. Cut your vegetables with a uniform shape and size. If you want vegetables to mature more quickly, you can cut it with a smaller size. The more tender vegetables like broccoli will mature faster than the harder vegetables such as carrots. So try to give different time interval for steaming vegetables are different.

2. do not use water that is too full. Just enter to as high as 1 inch of water in a pot of steamed, recently put the colander. At least the height of the water in the pot doesn't touch the sieve in a pan broiled.

3. Boil water. Use high heat to boil water in a pot of steamed.

4. Enter the vegetables. When the water is boiling, stir in the vegetables to be steamed on top of the strainer. Then cover, reduce heat so pancinya over medium heat.

5. Steamed until cooked. A sign that the vegetables have been cooked steamed and ready is when you can easily pierce the thickest part of the outer and the vegetables. Some kinds of vegetables will be lighter colored when ripe.

Vegetables usually only takes a few minutes to ripen when steamed. Vegetables like spinach or peas are normally only takes 3 minutes for steamed. While broccoli, cauliflower, string beans and normally takes 5-7 minutes. While the vegetables are harder like carrots and potatoes it took 8-20 minutes to mature.

When steaming vegetables, try to always checked it out once every three minutes. One goal is to make your vegetables not overcooked or soggy.

5 Tips to clean the Refrigerator in order to Free the stain and odor

Stains on refrigerator due to the food stored too long hard to eliminated Ladies. In addition this stain will give rise to unpleasant odors and affect other foods stored in the refrigerator. Times Vemale will present a solution of the problem of these Ladies. Come check out how to clean the refrigerator in order to be blemish-free as well as hearty as no odor that has been offered by the following.

Immediately Clean The

There is nothing more effective than straight clears existing blemishes on the refrigerator. For example, when you will be removing the milk from the refrigerator and there were splashes of milk of fridge soon clean the stain. This will minimize the risk of occurrence of odors and unwanted stains.

Soapy Water

Warm soapy water is the best solution for cleaning your refrigerator. Mix the liquid detergent with warm water and wipe the stain on your refrigerator. Repeat twice to get the maximum results.


Vinegar is one of the highly sought after materials to clean up various kinds of stains. Vinegar is believed to be a highly effective ingredients to remove various stains. Pour the vinegar on the stained part and rinse with a lap that had been dipped in water.


Lemon almost similar to vinegar. Lemons contain substances that will be effective in cleaning different types of stains. In addition it will also leave the lemon \ smell fresh and tasty. Just rub the lemon zest on the stain in the refrigerator and wipe with a dry rag.

Baking Soda

If you are facing a very stubborn stains. Cover it with baking soda and spray a mixture of water and vinegar. Let sit for a few moments and wipe with a dry cloth. Stubborn stains that will soon be lost.

Hopefully useful Yes Ladies. Good luck and get a free refrigerator odors and stains as well.

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