Want to be processed So a main course or a Dessert Delicious squid Remains Tempting

Squid is one of http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/04/resep-pizza-sederhana.html the most popular seafood. Characteristic types of seafood have inked this includes easily processed into a range of delectable culinary variations.

As a main course or a dessert, squid remain prominent with the idiosyncrasies of taste and aroma that is owned. For lovers of the squid, some cereal made from Squid can be an option for dining.

Refined modern Squid can be seen in the menunamed stuffing with squid sauce ala Aston Braga Hotel & Residence Bandung. In this menu, Chef Triyandi make squid as an alloy that contains meat and vegetables.

"This Menu is a squid in it contains minced chicken and vegetables. The use of squid that are large enough to be placed stuffing, "said Chef Triyandi told the Tribune, last weekend.

Minced chicken batter mixed with various vegetables such as carrots, mushrooms and string beans. After the mixed dough is flattened, entered into the raw squid. "Intentionally placed the dough raw squid at the time to be ripe in unison," he said.

Squid have then filled on steam about 20 minutes http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/04/resep-perkedel-kentang-yang-enak-dan.html until cooked. Squid and then cut into pieces before serving.

Not limited to just squid, this menu includes fried curd, rice and fresh vegetables. To enrich the flavor, squid is served with a sauce with the teasing.

"This is a great blend with Sauce from the beef rendang sambal sauce and shrimp paste," he said.

A blend of various spices such as garlic, onion, cloves, cinnamon and other spices typical of Indonesia in a sauce with it feels fitting when combined with calamari and tofu. This Menu is offered for Rp 40,000 per portions.

Squid can also be made into delicious snacks. One of them, as in the salt pepper squid ala The Trance Lounge Luxury Hotel.

This simple Menu combine squid with pepper and seasoning salt. The meat is then diced squid dipanir and fried crisp. Sprinkling salt and pepper seasoning makes this dish for Rp 65,000 more tempting.

Not just any squid ink, the flesh can be used as seasoning delicious complement a dish. As in the menu of fried rice ala hideung Ibis Hotels.

Yes, the black color of this menu is obtained from the use of squid ink mixed with rice. In addition to the sauteed squid ink with other seasonings, such as fish oil, garlic, salt and pepper is also a gastronomic present.

Squid ink was known, had many benefits like to fight cancer. No wonder, no doubt Wijaya Yudi Chef combine squid ink in the seasoning for this menu.

Nasi goreng hideung also plus a wide condiment like calamari ring and meat pieces of squid. This Menu is offered for Rp 58,000

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