Water, The Main Factors Creating Delicious Coffee

Help a barista Chris Hendon http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/ United Kingdom, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, capturing the title of world's best baristas, and she expose tips success. That is, use water that is perfect.

Wrote to the Royal Society of Chemistry, http://weddingdream2014.blog.fc2.com/ chemical calculations expert from the University of Bath it reveals the challenges is quite reasonable for him to remember that the "brewing coffee is probably the most frequent chemical application is done in the world."

Currently many outstanding experts opinions regarding how to http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/04/resep-risoles-yang-mudah-dan-enak.html make a cup of coffee, even among them there is a process of trying to solve it scientifically. And Hendon insists a major factor in making coffee, namely: the origin of coffee beans, pemanggangannya, the result of grinding coffee beans and so on. However, for variable Water Affairs: he wrote: "Variabelnya is not so clear, but a definite chemical composition of the water plays an important role."

Specifically, various types of water issuing different flavors of coffee beans-sometimes good, sometimes bad. And as a chemist while coffee lovers, Hendon wants to experiment with how the different variations can be used to extract the flavor of the coffee.

"It's quite exciting for beverages containing coffee espresso combined with two wine extracts are brewed with water is different--one with (water) cation levels high, one with a high basic content--to extract the flavor variations of wine," he said.

To that end, the national Coffee Association says, "water you use largely determine the quality of your coffee. Use water that has been filtered or bottled water if your tap water is less nice or smell or bad taste, such as chlorine. If you use tap water, let the water flow for a few seconds before filling it into Your coffee machine. Make sure you use cold water. Do not use distilled water and soft water (water with a low mineral levels because it has been through phases of softening). "

Hendon explanation does sound a bit complicated if you do not have the basic knowledge in the field of chemistry. But the bottom line, he said, many of the assumptions about the Ionic composition in various types of water was too broad, since the composition of the water is actually different in every region around the world and in places like the United Kingdom's high annual precipitation totals.

He and his team are using atomic absorption spektometer to experiment with different levels of ions, which bore on its laurels Colonna-Dashwood in the competition of national coffee and even a "victory for science."

So, the next time you meet a lover of coffee snobs know that want to tell you about the most perfect type of coffee, you can respond with, "Oh so, what about your water?"

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