Tips From Coconut Tempurungnya took off within 30 Seconds

Practically all Ladies, if you want to cook foods that require coconut milk if you buy grated coconut directly in the market, but if you don't find shredded coconut or coconut just remaining intact and not peeled or not yet separated from the tempurungnya, then you have to break down and struggled to open the coconut.

As you know that coconut shell that's very hard, if you break it down, then takes a heavy and sharp knife. This can be very dangerous, especially if you are not an expert in breaking coconuts or may have never completely break the coconut.

Well, if it is so, then follow the following ways, Ladies.

1. stir the coconut into the freezer and allow it to freeze or allow it to about 4 hours long.
2. remove the existing frozen coconut and grab a hammer or mallet.
3. at a coconut shell with a mallet until it broke.
4. Coconut you need ready-to-wear, Ladies.

Please try.

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