Tips To Reduce Calories While Baking

Bread and cake into the enemy for the women who were running a weight loss diet. Ingredients, sugar, butter, milk, and others are not is indeed very friendly with your weight. But, with tricks such as reported by the following, you can reduce your worries when taking the cake and cake.

Replacing fat with fruit puree

Substitute 50% butter with pumpkin puree or other fruit. If the result remains beautiful and delicious, you can replace the more butter or margarine with fruit. Customize with your recipe, you can get your own percentage.
Replace the flour with whole wheat

Try replacing the 20-50% whole wheat into flour. However, it is possible the existence of whole grain will change the taste and texture of the bread or cake you made.
Cut down on sugar

Many recipes add too much sugar on the dough. Always try to reduce the sugar in the recipe so that you're familiar with food that is not too sweet so it does not consume too much sugar.
Use skim milk

Replace your milk with low fat milk or skim milk. Turn this led to changes to the taste of Your cake or bread.

All of these tricks would be different results on each recipe. Trial and error is needed, try to prescribe the modifications you have just the right fitting.

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