The Importance Of Doing The Treatments Before The Hair Coloring

Hair coloring is one of the things that endeared the women when decide change the look of her hair.
But there's not much pay attention to the condition and health of the hair before or after hair coloring.
In fact, as we know, the process of hair coloring involves a variety of chemical substances that could potentially damage the hair.
Japan teen hair stylist, Hisato Suzuki revealed the hair coloring process was already very popular all over the world. Especially techniques like ombre and tinting layer.
Yet many do not pay attention to the health of the hair when doing so.
"Try reducing damages by applying the treatment before the tinting process. One of these nano-like treatment, "he said when encountered on Kawaii Japan" Japan Beauty Beauty Tour "in The Only One Club, FX Lifestyle X'nter, Jakarta, Wednesday (17/9).
In this way, as described, to be effective measures in maintaining healthy hair.
"Before mewarnainya, ' and then apply the color. For everyday watch for her treatment. Don't just wash and blow, also apply other treatments, "he added.

Indonesia and Japan Women's tastes Different hair styles

Different cultures, different tastes as well. That was the case in Japan and Indonesia when women talk about hair style.

It is said by One Hairstylist salon Pieces, Hisato Suzuki. Indonesia people prefer an elegant and mature hairstyle. In contrast to the Japan Women tend to like feminine and unique haircuts.

Hisato Suzuki made rallying haircut

"Indonesia Women leaning more to the European style. If Japan women prefer that make their faces look cute, "said Hisato while doing demos of cutting hair in the event held in Japan Kawaii Beauty FX Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (17/9/2014).

Difference between female characters Indonesia and Japan also looks from their goal coming to the salon. According to the origin of man, the woman Sakura Indonesia more often to a salon with the objective style.

"For example, want to party, they are the first to blow hair salon that looks neat. If the female is more for Japan to a salon treatment. For example, cream bath, "pungkasnya

Asmirandah & Jonas Broke Deportment because there is not any more?

Asmirandah and Jonas Rivanno from being incurred financial problems. Jonas is reportedly entangled in debt to his making Asmirandah sells.

The house occupied by Jonas and Andah Cibubur area turns out to have been for sale since a few months ago at a price below the market. A House can usually achieve Rp4 billion, sale priced Andah Rp3 billion only.

After the issue hit them into the spotlight, Asmirandah and Jonas began again rarely seen on television. The couple was controversial when it was rumored be married.

Jonas Christian decided to Islam so that her marriage to Andah can happen. Although there is already strong evidence and witnesses, Jonas to refute it. He claims to never be converted.

All of a sudden, the recognition that Jonas reap the blasphemy of a number of religious leaders. Jonas is considered a religious order could play a married Andah. In fact, Jonas had reported to the police because of that issue.

Shortly thereafter, turn Asmirandah which decided to move the conviction. Decision of the opposition Andah family. However, love Andah to Jonas make it ignore cries of the mother who asked him not moving conviction.

Although he avoids Asmirandah, but his picture is being served at the Church and his testimony on social media in circulation. The movie stars when love Celebrate it anyway at his decision followed the religion of Jonas and away from her parents.

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